11. Known by God & Knowing Him

Share With


What is an area of your character that you have grown in over the past year? In what area of your character would you like to grow or change during the year ahead?

Reach Out

In John 9 we meet a man who was blind from birth. Jesus mercifully gave him sight, but the man still knows little about Jesus - he doesn't even know what he looks like! When the self-righteous sceptics come looking to denounce Jesus there's not much he can say, but what he can share he does by way of his testimony: "Whether [Jesus] is a sinner or not, I don't know. One thing I do know. I was blind, but now I see!" (John 9:25)

Whether you know a lot or just a little about Jesus, how might you express your experience of Jesus?

Perhaps you could think of your life in two parts:
Before I met Jesus I thought / felt / believed ..
But now with Jesus I think / feel / believe ..

If there's time, share your simple testimony (in pairs). And why not pray for opportunities to share it with someone else :)

Dig In


Think back over the various characters who have encountered Jesus in the passages from John that we have looked at. Which ones do you most identify with? Why so?


What stood out the most to you about Jesus? Why?


How does being known by God help you to know him more deeply and follow him?

Look Up

Pray in response to God, and for one another, in light of the things you have shared.