Known by God& Knowing Him

Encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of John

Autumn 2022

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Welcome to Credo Grow Groups!

We are so glad you're here.

We hope your group will be a place where you can grow in knowing other students, and grow in knowing God more deeply.

We pray that Grow Groups will become little communities scattered right across UTS that grow in faith, grow in love, and grow in size!

Most Grow Groups will start small enough in size (eg. 5-6 people) that there will be space for your group to invite and welcome 1-2 others throughout the trimester. That's still small enough to get to know one another well, and to be able to meet safely and practically (even if we need to respond to the changing COVID situation around us from time to time).

Each week at Grow Group, you'll get into a pattern of doing four things together (guided by these sections):


Share With

Share With

Sharing a bit about yourselves as you keep getting to know and understand each other better.

Reach Out

Reach Out

Mutual prayer and encouragement, seeking to grow together in sharing Jesus with the people God has placed you among.

Dig In

Dig In

Relaxed discussion digging into stories from John's Gospel about some life-changing encounters with Jesus, to grow in knowing God and following Jesus.

Look Up

Look Up

Responding to God in prayer about what you have read and discussed.

A couple of tips to help you make the most of Grow Group:

If you are not yet in a Grow Group, you can sign up to join a group.

Weekly Studies

Known by God & Knowing Him

In his Gospel, John introduces us to individuals and groups of people who have been changed by their encounter with Jesus. As we explore what they come to know about Jesus, and explore what Jesus says about himself, we can know more deeply and personally the 'Word made flesh'.

To bring these stories to life and help us engage with them, each study incorporates the Bible passage in a video, developed and made available by the Lumo Project. The text of the Bible passage is also included so that you can refer to it during your discussion. These studies use the NIV translation of the Bible.